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The history of the development of crypto miners

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Crypto miner is a computer used to earn cryptocurrency. I hope these instructions on crypto miners are helpful to you.

l  The history of the development of crypto miners.

l  The company owns crypto miners.

The history of the development of crypto miners.

Chaos Period--CPU

Approximate time period: January 2009 to January 2011

Generally, it refers to a mining machine that first uses the CPU of a personal computer to provide computing power. All unnecessary hardware on the motherboard can be removed, and the network can also be managed and configured via the network.

Advantages: The encryption mining machine is simple and easy to assemble, and the cost is low.

Hongmeng period--GPU (graphics card)

Approximate time: July 2010

July 18, 2010: A miner named ArtForz is the first to successfully mine with his personal OpenCL GPU, due to the increasing difficulty of the mining competition on the whole network. It features a motherboard that can plug in multiple GPUs, providing computing power at the same time.

Advantages: Crypto miners can provide computing power centrally.

Famine Period--FPGA Professional Mining Machine

Approximate time period: March 2013 to May 2013

When the FPGA mining machine is active, compared with the CPU and GPU mining machines of the same generation, although the computing power performance of the FPGA is not superior, the power consumption is much lower, and the comprehensive power consumption ratio is high.

Advantages: Compared with other crypto miners, the power consumption is low, and the comprehensive power consumption ratio is very high.

Ancient times: ASIC miners

Approximate time: July 2013

In December 2012, the first ASIC mining machine manufacturer was born - Butterfly. Butterfly is a research and development product of the US team, which came in the form of futures and announced that it will ship in March 2013.

Advantages: Crypto miners have low cost and low energy consumption.

In terms of the types of encrypted miners, the mining machine has experienced the initial personal computer mining (CPU mining machine) to the later graphics card GPU encryption mining with higher output, and then developed to the later professional ASIC specializing in mining. Chip Crypto Miner.

Since the birth of ASIC crypto miners, because this kind of professional equipment provides extremely high efficiency, the cost under the same conditions is greatly reduced. In this regard, professional mining machines have become super popular along the way with the skyrocketing of Bitcoin.

The company has crypto miner products.

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