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Graphics card performance indicators

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A graphics card, also called a graphics card, is an important part of a computer whose job is to display graphics on the screen. It's a must have for anyone who likes to play games and do professional graphic design. I hope these instructions on graphics cards are helpful to you.

l  Graphics card performance indicators.

l  The company owns the graphics card.

Graphics card performance indicators.

Graphics card frequency

The graphics card frequency mainly refers to the core frequency and memory frequency of the graphics card, and the unit is MHz.

(1) Core frequency

The core frequency of the graphics card is the working frequency of the display core. The working frequency reflects the performance of the graphics card to some extent, but the performance of the graphics card is determined by the core frequency, flow processor, memory frequency and memory bit width. Therefore, in different display nuclei, high display core frequency does not mean that the performance of this graphics card is very strong. Currently, only two major display chips, AMD and NVIDIA, provide cores for third-party display manufacturers. For the same display core, some manufacturers correspondingly increase the frequency of the display core of their products to run at a higher frequency than the fixed display core to achieve higher performance.

(2) Memory frequency

The memory frequency reflects the memory speed to a certain extent, and the memory frequency has a lot to do with the type of memory.

The memory frequency is related to the memory clock cycle, and the two are reciprocal of each other, that is, the memory frequency (MHz) = 1/memory clock cycle (NS) X l000. It is important to understand, however, that the actual working memory frequency is determined by the manufacturer when the card is manufactured, and it is relatively common that the actual working frequency is not necessarily equal to the maximum memory frequency.

Display memory

Display memory is referred to as video memory, also known as frame buffer. As the name suggests, its main function is to temporarily store the rendering data processed or about to be extracted by the display chip. Similar to the memory of the motherboard, it is one of the main performance indicators to measure the graphics card.

Mainstream graphics cards basically have 6GB capacity, and some mid-to-high-end graphics cards are equipped with 6GB and 8GB memory capacity.

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