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Precautions for the use of Antminer

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Ant & Dec is the world's largest cryptocurrency miner brand with a market share of around 70 per cent. Hope this explanation about Antminer is helpful to you.

  • Precautions for the use of Antminer.

  • The company owns Antminers.

Precautions for the use of Antminer.

1. Static electricity protection

If these interfaces are touched without dissipating the static electricity emitted by these interfaces, the integrated circuits can be easily damaged, which will render the mining rig unusable and have to be returned to the factory for repair. During installation or maintenance, please ensure that static electricity is dissipated, or wear anti-static equipment.

2. Do not work with electricity.

When installing or servicing equipment, turn it off before servicing. Otherwise, the computer board or control board will be damaged and can only be returned to the factory for repair.

3. Switching order

Plug in the computer board first, and then plug in the control board, such as the power supply of the machine. After connecting the computer board and the control board, you can directly plug it in.

4, 6-pin direction line interface

When wiring, pay attention to the direction of the 6pin line. Reverse connection will cause power protection, and may also cause the control board or computer board to burn.

5. Use power

A power supply with only one ant is recommended.

One or more power supplies can be used with one Antminer, but multiple power supplies and multiple Antminers cannot be used at the same time.

A computer board can only use one power supply, and a computer board cannot use more than one power supply.

6. Power consumption

If the actual power of the power supply does not match the needs of the ants, then the power will not increase.

It is recommended that the power supply has at least 20% more power than the miner.

Antminers use a lot of electricity and generate a lot of waste heat during operation. This results in a lot of electricity being consumed for mining or cooling, causing a lot of social criticism. Too many ant mining machines mining at the same time have also caused fires and power outages, causing social inconvenience.

Antminers are one of the main mining machines that many miners choose to mine. Although Bitcoin has entered a downturn, the drop in the price of ants has also greatly reduced the antminers that had high prices last year, such as the Antminer S9. Prices are down nearly 90 percent from last year's peak. Many miners also took the opportunity to buy second-hand ant mining machines at low prices to lay out mining.

The company owns Antminer products.

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