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Advantages of ASIC Miners

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An ASIC is an electronic circuit specially designed for a specific purpose. The chips used for mining are called asic miner chips. I hope these instructions on ASIC miners are helpful to you.

  • Advantages of ASIC miners.

  • The company owns ASIC miners.

Advantages of ASIC miners.

ASIC miner refers to the mining machine with ASIC chip as the core computing power. ASICs are electronic circuits specially designed for a specific purpose. Some mining machine factories have specially designed ASIC chips to calculate the SHA256 algorithm of Bitcoin, and the mining machine used is the asic mining machine. Because ASIC chips are only used for specific computations, they are more efficient than general-purpose computing chips like CPUs. For example, the current mainstream Antminer S9 is an ASIC mining machine, using 189 ASIC chips, the computing power reaches 13.5TH/s, and the power consumption is only 1350W. In contrast, the current computing power of the flagship GTX1080Ti of the current computer graphics card will not exceed 60MH/s even if it is optimized well.

The larger the surface area of the chip, the longer the communication path and therefore the more power required for data transfer. Compared to the average speed of current asic miners in 2009, the average speed of CPU mining is 100 billion times faster. The higher the profit, the higher the profit for the miners. At the same time, through the innovation and improvement of mining technology, the asic mining machine reduces the operating cost, and the asic mining machine further increases the mining revenue.

The large-scale application of asic mining machines can increase the cost of 51% attack by 2000 times. At the Unitize conference on July 10, 2020, Rod Garratt of the University of California, Santa Barbara presented research he co-authored with Maarten van Oordt of the Bank of Canada. The report examines the varying costs of a 51% attack based on the type of equipment used to secure the Bitcoin network. Research has shown that simply switching the network to a 100% ASIC miner can greatly improve security. The main reason is that ASIC miners are of little use and value other than Bitcoin mining, and attackers don't get much in return from selling the equipment used for the attack.

The company has asic miner products.

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