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Graphics card interface type

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A graphics card, also called a graphics card, is an important part of a computer whose job is to display graphics on the screen. It's a must have for anyone who likes to play games and do professional graphic design. I hope these instructions on graphics cards are helpful to you.

l  The interface type of the graphics card.

l  The company owns the graphics card.

graphics card

The interface type of the graphics card.

ISA graphics card

ISA graphics cards are the oldest graphics cards and were once supported by most common VGA monitors.

VESA graphics card

VESA, short for "Video Electronic Standards Association", was founded in 1989 by a group of computer chip manufacturers. The "local bus" standard used by most PCs 80486.

PCI graphics card

PCI graphics cards, typically used in older or thinner computers, rely on PCI graphics cards due to the elimination of the standard AGP slot. It is understood that it was mainly used in the early 486s until the Pentium II. However, some manufacturers continue to produce AGP-to-PCI based graphics cards until the graphics chip can support AGP directly. Last known cards with PCI interface are GeForce GT 610 PCI (SPARKLE) GRSP610L1024LC model and ATI HD 4350 PCI (HIS) and HIS HD 5450 PCI (HIS) HIS 5450 Silence 512MB DDR3 PCI DVI/HDMI/VGA part number H545H512P.

AGP graphics card

AGP is a 32-bit bus interface developed by Intel in 1996 to improve the performance of displays in computer systems. There are AGP 1X, AGP 2X, AGP 4X and finally AGP 8X with throughputs of 266 MB/s, 533 MB/s, 1066 MB/s and 2133 MB/s respectively, although AGP 4X is no longer compatible with earlier voltages. "3DLABS' Wildcat4 7210 is the most powerful professional AGP graphics card, while ATI's RadeonHD 4670 and HD3850 are the most powerful consumer AGP graphics cards this year (2007).

PCI Express graphics card

PCI Express (also known as PCI-E) is the latest graphics interface for graphics cards and is used to replace AGP graphics cards. Facing the continuous advancement of 3D display technology in the future, the bandwidth of AGP is no longer sufficient to handle huge data operations. The highest performing PCI-Express graphics cards are NVIDIA's "NVIDIA Titan V" and AMD's "Radeon Pro Duo (Fiji)". Currently, graphics cards produced after 2007 can support dual graphics technology (NVIDIA's SLi and nvlink and AMD's CrossFire).

External PCI Express graphics card

To connect to an external PCI Express graphics box with a USB or Thunderbolt high-bandwidth cable, a separate power supply is required.

The company owns graphics card products.

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