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Classification of graphics cards

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A graphics card, also called a graphics card, is an important part of a computer whose job is to display graphics on the screen. It's a must have for anyone who likes to play games and do professional graphic design. I hope these instructions on graphics cards are helpful to you.

l  Classification of graphics cards.

l  The company owns the graphics card.

graphics card

Classification of graphics cards.

Integrated Graphics

CPUs with graphics cores tend to be cheap, and low-end graphics cores are hard to use for big games. Integrated graphics refers to the components in which the display chip, video memory and related circuits are integrated with the integrated components of the motherboard; integrated graphics have independent display chips, but most of them are integrated in the northbridge chip of the motherboard; some motherboard integrated graphics also have independent video The memory is installed on the motherboard, but its capacity is smaller. The advantage of integrated graphics is that it consumes less power and generates less heat.

Discrete graphics

Independent graphics card refers to the card that installs the display chip, video memory and related circuits on an independent board. It is independent and occupies an expansion slot on the motherboard as an independent card. The advantage of the discrete graphics card is that it installs the video memory separately, which usually does not occupy the system memory. It is technically much more advanced than the integrated graphics card, but its performance is definitely not worse than the integrated graphics card, so it is easier to upgrade the graphics card hardware. Due to the different performance requirements of different graphics cards, discrete graphics cards are divided into two categories. Entertainment graphics cards designed specifically for gaming, and professional graphics cards for graphics and 3D rendering.

HD Graphics

HD Graphics is a new generation of graphics processing core for Intel products. Different from previous graphics card designs, Intel, with its advanced technology in processor process and new architecture design, integrates graphics core and processing core on the same substrate. a complete processor. This design integration of the intelligent processor architecture greatly reduces the data turnaround time between the processing core, graphics core, memory and memory controller, effectively improves processing performance and greatly reduces the overall power consumption of the chipset, helping to reduce the size of core components. The size provides more choices for the design of notebooks, all-in-one computers and other products.

The company owns graphics card products.

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