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How a Bitcoin Miner Works

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A bitcoin miner is a computer used to earn bitcoins. Hope this some notes on bitcoin miners are helpful.

l  The working process of Bitcoin miners.

l  The company owns bitcoin miners.

The working process of Bitcoin miners.

Mining is a process of increasing the Bitcoin money supply. Mining also protects the security of the Bitcoin system, prevents fraudulent transactions, and avoids "double spending", which refers to spending the same Bitcoin multiple times. Bitcoin miners provide an algorithm for the Bitcoin network in exchange for the opportunity to earn Bitcoin rewards. Bitcoin miners verify each new transaction and record them on the general ledger. Every 10 minutes, a new block is "mined", and each block contains all the transactions from the previous block to the current time, and these transactions are added to the blockchain in turn middle. We call a transaction that is included in a block and added to the blockchain a "confirmed" transaction. After the transaction is "confirmed", the new owner can spend the bitcoins he received in the transaction.

Bitcoin miners receive two types of rewards during the mining process: new coins for creating new blocks, and transaction fees for the transactions included in the block. In order to get these rewards, Bitcoin miners are scrambling to complete a mathematical problem based on encryption hashing algorithm, that is, using Bitcoin mining machine to calculate the hashing algorithm, which requires strong computing power, how many computing processes, how many computing The result is good or bad as a proof of the miner's computational workload, which is called "Proof of Work". The competition mechanism of the algorithm and the mechanism by which the winner has the right to record transactions on the blockchain both keep Bitcoin safe.

Bitcoin miners also receive transaction fees. Each transaction may contain a transaction fee, which is the difference between the inputs and outputs recorded by each transaction. Miners who successfully "mined" a new block during the mining process get a "tip" for all transactions contained in that block. As mining rewards decrease and the number of transactions included in each block increases, transaction fees will gradually increase as a proportion of miners’ earnings. After 2140, all miner earnings will be made up of transaction fees.

Mining is a process of decentralizing settlements, each of which verifies and settles processed transactions. Mining protects the security of the Bitcoin system and enables the entire Bitcoin network to reach consensus without a central authority.

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