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Antminer model

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Antminer is the world's leading cryptocurrency mining machine brand with a market share of about 70%. Hope this explanation about Antminer is helpful to you.

l  Antminer model.

l  The company owns Antminers.

Antminer model.

Antminer is the world's leading cryptocurrency mining machine brand, with a market share of about 70%. The mine was developed by BitContinental and has several patents in mainland China. At first, Antminers only had Bitcoin mining machines, and later the business expanded to other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, etc.

Antminer uses an ASIC chip designed by Bitmain and manufactured by TSMC. All chips use the BM model number prefix. There are 3 to 4 circuit boards in each stage of the mining machine and dozens of chips on a circuit board, so each Antminer can mine only one or more cryptocurrencies using the same algorithm. Antminers must work with specialized mining software and cannot use third-party software. Due to the large capacity of Antminers, a special fire extinguisher must also be used.

S-type ant mining machine

Antminer Model S is a Bitcoin miner that runs the SHA256d algorithm.

Type C Antminer

Type C is a water-cooled bitcoin mining machine launched by Bitmain, and there is only one type at present.

D-type ant mining machine

Model D is a Dash mining machine running the X11 algorithm, and there is currently only one model.

L-shaped ant mining machine

Model L is a Litecoin miner, but it can also be used to mine Dogecoin. (as they both use the scrypt algorithm)

Type A Antminer

Type A is a mining machine that runs the BLAKE algorithm, and there is only one model.

T-type ant mining machine

Model T is also a Bitcoin mining machine, but with more stable performance than Model S, but consumes more power at the same time.

E-type ant mining machine

Type E are miners that run the Ethash algorithm to mine Ethereum. There's only one model, and it's not out yet.

Z-type ant mining machine

Model Z is a computer running Equihash to mine Zcash. There's only one model, and it's not out yet.

X-type ant mining machine

X Sex is the computer running CryptoNight to mine Monero. There will only be one model in this series, and there will be no new models.

The company owns Antminer products.

Shenzhen DCE Technology Co., Ltd. is a trading and manufacturing combination. The company has experienced engineers and professional management team, to provide global customers with professional comprehensive products and services.

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