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The principle of asic miner

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An ASIC is an electronic circuit specially designed for a specific purpose. The chips used for mining are called asic miner chips. I hope these instructions on ASIC miners are helpful to you.

l  The principle of ASIC miners.

l  The company owns ASIC miners.

The principle of ASIC miners.

ASIC miners optimize the calculation time of SHA256 and improve mining efficiency.

The essence of the ASIC mining process is that many machines compete for who can first calculate the answer to a complex mathematical problem. For Bitcoin, solving this math problem is to see who can complete more SHA256 operations per unit of time. Therefore, ASIC miners can improve the mining efficiency by optimizing the calculation time of SHA256.

CPUs that deal with math problems are solved by programming ideas. CPUs are geared towards general-purpose computing tasks, so they can only perform basic operations such as addition or multiplication at the hardware level. So to complete a complex operation, such as A*B + C, requires multiple operations, and requires multiple clock cycles to complete. However, if an integrated circuit is developed so that the operation of A*B+C can be completed directly at the hardware level, then this operation can be completed with only one calculation operation, which requires one clock cycle. The characteristic of this integrated circuit is that it is no longer universal, but it is extremely efficient at performing specific tasks. This is called an asic miner.

For Bitcoin, mining goes through four stages: CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC. The inherent feature of GPU is that it is suitable for parallel simple operations, so the execution of SHA256 is much higher than that of CPU. FPGA is programmable hardware, because it still has a certain degree of versatility, so the unit price will be more expensive. The initial design investment of the asic mining machine is relatively large, but the unit price will be cheaper after mass production. Therefore, if it can be determined that the market size is relatively large, ASIC miners using ASIC technology will be the most cost-effective economically.

ASIC mining machines mainly use hardware to compress the calculation steps required for mining operations to improve efficiency, but if the operation itself requires a large amount of data storage, there is not much room for optimization.

The company has asic miner products.

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