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Classification of Crypto Miners

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Crypto miner is a computer used to earn cryptocurrency. This type of computer generally has professional mining chips, and mostly uses the way of burning graphics cards, which consumes a lot of power. I hope these instructions on crypto miners are helpful to you.

l  Classification of crypto miners.

l  The company owns crypto miners.

Classification of crypto miners.

We can divide the current mainstream crypto miners into three aspects:

Hardware division: ASIC mining machine, graphics card mining machine, special-purpose mining machine for a specific currency (such as the current hottest IPFS (Filecoin mining machine), mining routing, etc.). Historical encryption miners such as FPGA miners;

Crypto miners can be divided into CPU mining machines, graphics card mining machines, chip mining machines, FPGA mining machines, CDN mining machines, hard disks and other encrypted mining machines according to the hardware composition. The hardware composition of different crypto miners has different characteristics in terms of key parameters such as computing power and energy consumption.

① CPU mining machine crypto miner. The CPU mining machine was produced relatively early, and it was marked by the computer CPU used by the Bitcoin founder to mine the first Bitcoin blockchain in 2009. The CPU circuit is designed and produced for the purpose of processing general computer instructions. It has limited computing power when dealing with functional computing commands such as encrypted currency SHA256, and the average computing speed is low, about 20MHash/s. Based on the computer CPU structure, developers adjust the circuit design, reduce redundant computing components, and develop professional crypto miners with computing power focused on special functions.

② GPU mining machine crypto miner. GPU mining machines are aimed at cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Diamond that use graphics algorithms as their function content. This type of crypto miner strengthens the GPU graphics card configuration on the basis of CPU computing equipment to meet the needs of high-efficiency graphics processing. Taking AMD's GPU mining machine as an example, its computing power can reach up to 400MHash/s, which greatly exceeds the efficiency of CPU mining machines. GPU graphics card components consume high energy, and cryptocurrency mining machines equipped with multiple high-performance graphics cards can consume kW per unit of computing power, such as AMD's Vega64 and GTX's 1080Ti. In order to improve the power consumption ratio and cost performance of GPU mining machines, developers have shifted from a single high-performance graphics card component to a graphics card that pays attention to both power efficiency and energy consumption, such as AMD's RX560.

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